MakersFinders is a platform for independent Makers to share their story and sell what they make. For Finders it's a place to discover well-crafted products in Adventure, Food, Fashion, and Home.

We publish stories, hold Maker Talks, and award grants to support makers and their projects.

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We believe people with a passion make a difference.

We believe in the power of the independent Maker; which is why we built MakersFinders - a platform for, by and about Makers.

We are a Maker first culture, and believe people want to be inspired by what they acquire, and that they have the right to find quality, independent-made goods easily.

What unites all our Makers is craftsmanship, design and a great story; whether they make their products in a factory or by hand.

We believe the story behind what is made matters, and that what people find and acquire are an expression of who they are